1. New mix. Includes tracks from Stag Hare, The Journey Men (Etbonz / Jprez), Mungolian Jetset, Idjut Boys, Farben, Cocteau Twins and more!

  2. Reflecting on Club Tropicana 2 →


    It’s been a month since we got down with the Club Tropicana spirit. Thanks for making it amazing. Here are some treasures to remind you of the good times:

    video by Nate Midgley and Gumar

    Just like the temperature, Club Tropicana keeps getting hotter. We were very blessed to have our buddy

    Big recap from an event I played last month including a recording of my five hour mix

  3. Bed of Roses Podcast V - Etbonz →


    imageElliot Thomas aka Etbonz is a Portland resident that has provided us with some really great and inspirational dance music using his arsenal of hardware as well as his heady dj sets flexing his record collection. He also has releases on Voyeurhythm and Ecstasy as well as a 7” put out by…

  4. whiterainbow:

    recorded example of live performance, spring 2013

  5. song of the day, is a song for daylight: the rays of sun you find through trees at an outdoor bar-b-q, with vibes from fresh cut fruit. you will find yourself meandering through the grove with a jovial step in your shoes. do not neglect this urge, find the fruit punch and abandon your inner constraints:

  6. #chilldogg